Give New Hires an Onboarding “Buddy”

There’s a lot of information that new hires need, from how to work the coffee maker to what the company’s strategy is. That’s why you should consider assigning your next hire an onboarding “buddy” during their first few months on the job. Having a buddy can help the new person start being productive sooner and feel more satisfied in their role. Choose someone who has been with the company long enough to know what the new hire won’t find in the employee handbook, such as key stakeholders and cultural norms. Explain what the goals are for the relationship, and encourage the hire and their buddy to meet at regular intervals to check in. It’s also important to consider the buddy’s workload: You may need to reset their priorities so that they can be available. And don’t forget to remind the buddy of the benefits for them. This relationship is a chance to show their communication and leadership skills.

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