Should You Apply for a Job If You Don’t Meet Every Qualification?

If you come across a job posting with 10 qualifications listed, and you have six or seven of them, should you apply? Yes. Think of a job posting as the company’s wish list for the role. While the hiring manager may hope to find candidates with all 10 skills, organizations want new hires to grow into their roles. That’s why you should look for positions that will stretch you, not ones where you already tick all the boxes. It can be tempting to seek out jobs you’re very qualified for — even overqualified for — since you know your chances of succeeding are high. But a job you’re immediately great at won’t teach you anything new, which means your opportunities for growth are limited. (Plus, you might be more than a little bored.) So don’t be afraid to apply for a job that makes you a little nervous. If you have some of the skills needed, and you aren’t afraid to ask questions and make mistakes, you’re probably a good candidate.

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