Does Everyone in Your Meeting Know How Decisions Will Be Made?

Team meetings can be useful for making important decisions, but only if everyone knows the process for them. When there’s confusion around how the final call will be made, or by whom, the situation can get tense or awkward. That’s why it’s important to start a meeting by laying down the ground rules. For example, you might tell the group there will be 30 minutes of discussion and then a vote, and if there is no resolution, the issue will be brought to an executive. Or, if an executive is in the room already, they might make the decision right then and there. It’s especially useful to explain the finer points: Does anyone have veto power? Does the group vote determine the final decision, but a two-thirds majority is needed? Will minority viewpoints be documented for stakeholders to review? Whatever the process, explain it clearly so that everyone is aware.

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